Reading Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

July 26, 2016


In attendance:  Vanessa Maxham, Tony Pikramenos, Peter Seman, Bill Bakker, Libbet Downs, Milde Waterfall

Minutes submitted by Milde Waterfall

Meeting called to Order at 6:05pm

Vanessa called for Agenda Changes.  None

June 28, 2016 Minutes approved

Secretary’s Report.  Website needs to be up-dated.  Peter may help while Tony is commanding Automation.  No one has asked for extra bricks from the Singleton patio.  Vanessa would like to research the potential Buy a Brick program.  We will contact Dave Appleton for an estimate on trimming the tree in front of the cheek walls.

Treasurer’s Report.   No new report.

Unfinished Business. 

*Automation.  Tony delivered an excellent report on the demands of the automating process, which requires basically cataloging each book in the collection.  We discussed the demands on his time as well as the volunteers.  He continues to be optimistic that the process will get easier as they go along.

*Maintenance.  Vanessa will check with Gary Macia for an estimated date for attaching the letters.  That will enable us to plan a celebration with the gentlemen who restored and preserved the letters on the portico.  Tony is planning to work with Mike Barr on completing the list of repairs he has signed on for which includes removing paint from various parts of the exterior of the building.  We will contact preservationists on the removal of paint from the large plaques on the front of the building.

New Business.

Tony has made arrangements with the Hall art Foundation to participate in an event on October 16th where visitors will view the Landscapes Exhibit that is currently showing and then watch the film “Turner” at the library.  The Hall Foundation will conduct advertising and tickets for a group of no more than 25.

* Vanessa will organize the plate workshop to be held on October 22nd.

Summary of Decisions.  Vanessa will research the Brick program.

Milde will provide Peter with the needs for up dating the website.

Tony will give Peter a tutorial on how to up-date the website.

Tony will ask the Catamount people if they have an extra scanner we can use.

Peter will work with Tony on the computers and the automation.

Vanessa will get a date for the Letters Celebration.

Milde will ask Mr. Appleton for an estimate for pruning the tree in front of the library.

Milde will seek out expert advise on cleaning the plaques in front of the library.  Vanessa will begin organizing the plate workshop for kids.

Items for Next Agenda.  Vanessa listed them.

Adjourned at 7:18:30 pm