Deed of Trust

Gilbert A. Davis to Gilbert Franklin Davis: This indenture made this fourth day of July A/D 1899 between Gilbert A. Davis of Windsor in the County of Windsor and State of Vermont of the first part and Gilbert Franklin Davis of Windsor in the County of Windsor and State of Vermont of the second part.

Witnesseth: That the said Gilbert A. Davis in consideration of One Dollar and other good and valuable considerations paid to my full satisfaction by said Gilbert Franklin Davis and by the Town of Reading in the County of Windsor aforesaid by these presents do give freely give, grant, sell, convey, and confirm unto the said Gilbert Franklin Davis and to his successors in the trusts hereinafter set forth a forever a certain piece of land situated in Reading in the County of Windsor and State of Vermont described as follows to wit:

Bounded East by the main street in Felchville, South and West by land of Lucinda A. Clark, North by land of the Baptist Society of Felchville now occupied by Chas T. Conant, together with a right-of-way South of said described land. Being the same land conveyed to me by Lucinda A. Clark and subject to all the reservations and conditions in said deed. The new library building is now standing on said premises.

To Have and to Hold said granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging to the said Gilbert Franklin Davis and his successors in this trust for the following uses and purposes and none other.

2nd: 1. In trust for its use forever under such regulations as the board of Library Trustees of the town of Reading aforesaid may make and publish with the approval of the said Gilbert A. Davis during his life for the use and management thereof for the purpose of a public Library and reading room for the free use of the residents of the said town of Reading and for the free use of those persons who now reside or may hereafter reside within the delivery of the Felchville Post Office; but upon the express condition that the building now standing on the above described premises and any building that may be erected in place of it under the provisions of this deed shall be forever designated as “The Gilbert A. Davis Library Building” and upon the further condition that the books, documents, and furniture now in said building and the property of the Town of Reading and such as may be acquired by said town and placed by gift, loan, or purchase for library purposes therein shall be kept and used in connection with said buildings forever for the purpose of the residents aforesaid; and upon the further condition that the said Town of Reading shall provide a suitable care-taker of the building, keep the said building in good repair and properly cleaned, warmed and lighted, keep the buildings and books and furniture therein insured in some solvent Fire Insurance Company against loss or damage by fire and lightning for three-fourths of their value and pay all the taxes therein if any should be lawfully assessed.

2. In Trust to permit said Gilbert A. Davis to have access to said building and the grounds connected therewith at any and all times and to occupy the same at any time during his lifetime not inconsistent with its use as a public library and reading room during two afternoons and evenings of each week.

3. In Trust to permit said Gilbert A. Davis to make any alterations in or additions to said building and to the grounds connected herewith as he may deem proper at his own expense.

4. In the event that said buildings and its contents or either should be destroyed by fire then the insurance money collected therefrom shall be used to re-erect said building in the same form as the present building and to replace the books so destroyed by other similar books so far as practicable.

5. The said trustee hereinbefore appointed may at any time with the approval in writing of the said Gilbert A. Davis name his successor in these trusts and convey said real estate to such successor and on the death of the trustee hereinbefore appointed, he not having named his successor and conveyed to him as above provided, and in the event that at any time a vacancy shall occur in the office of trustee under this deed then the Court of Chancery for the County of Windsor shall appoint a trustee to fill such vacancy and thereupon the trustee appointed in either of the methods above provided shall hold said real estate upon all the trusts set forth in this deed.

6. The said Gilbert Franklin Davis shall serve as trustee under this deed without compensation from the Town of Reading and without being required to give bonds as such trustee.

7. In the event that the said Town of Reading through its proper officers shall neglect and refuse for six months on due and reasonable notice to carry out the provisions of this trust deed in good faith and in substantial compliance therewith then the trustees under this deed, whoever at that time he may be, is directed to convey to the said Gilbert A. Davis and to his heirs at law or to such person as the said Gilbert A. Davis may designate as his legatee in such contingency, the aforesaid real estate with all the privileges thereunto belonging free and clear of all and singular the trusts in this deed set forth.

8. The Court of Chancery on appointing a trustee under this deed may require such trustee to give bonds such as said Court shall determine for the faithfull discharge of the trusts under this deed.

The said Gilbert A. Davis hereby doth covenant with the said Gilbert Franklin Davis and his successors in this trust, that until the unsealing of this, presents he is the sole owner of the above described premises and has good right and title to convey to the same in manner and form aforesaid; that they are free from every encumbrance, and doth hereby engage to warrant and defend the same against all lawfull claims whatever, except the trusts aforesaid. [Internal Revenue Sta**** 4 dollars G.A.D. July 4, 1899.]

And the said Gilbert Franklin Davis doth hereby accept this deed upon the trusts therein contained and doth agree faithfully to carry out and perform the same according to the true intent and meaning of these presents

On witness whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals this fourth day of July A.D. 1899.

Gilbert A. Davis {LS}
Gilbert Franklin Davis {LS}

Signed, sealed, and delivered
in triplicate in presence of
Frank Plumley
Bert E. Cole
State of Vermont
County of Windsor ss
At Windsor in said County on this 4th day of July AD 1899 personally appeared Gilbert A. Davis and acknowledge this instrument to be his free act and deed.

Before me, Bert E. Cole, Notary Public {Seal}

Reading Town Clerk then received the foregoing Trustee Deed to record a true record July 7th 1899 at 7 o’clock II Ms
Attest, C. Hawkins, Town Clerk

[The above is a best-guess transcription from a copy of the original deed, which is on file in the Town Office.]