Board Meeting Minutes 1-17-24

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
January 9 , 2024

1. Call to order 6:12/ Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Bill Baker, Janet Malcolm, Heather Evans, Libbet Downs
2. Minutes approved from last meeting: Heather motions, Bill seconds, all in favor, approved
3. No changes to current agenda
4. Secretary’s Report: No new report
5. Treasurer’s Report: Budget is on track.
6. Librarian’s report: Tree lighting co-sponsored with the Rec went great despite the rain. The Night Mail podcast is continuing into the new year. The library meeting space will be utilized by the Reading Rec regularly. Also, a group of locals will be using the library space to talk about community affairs about once a month. We received generous donations for a total of $1,350.
7. Unfinished Business: Maintenance: Septic will be emptied shortly. Tony talked with David Morse about the soffit work and said he will talk to Nate about prioritizing this for the Spring.
8. New Business: We had a thoughtful review of the library’s current Operating Policy and are in unanimous agreement that the policy’s original statement on inclusivity ensures free and open access to all.
9. Summary of Decisions: None
10. Items for Next Month: Maintenance
11. Adjourn: 6:35
Respectfully submitted by Janet Malcolm