Librarian’s Note, November 2014

The library’s project “Reading Has Legs” continues this month and next. We’re looking for brief anecdotes about books that have been meaningful to you in some way—a book that made a lasting impression, a book you remember with fondness. Perhaps you read it (or it was read to you) as a child, or as a teen, or late in life. Whatever the case, we’d like to hear about it. Please include your name, the title and author of the book, when you read it, and 3 – 10 sentences capturing the importance of the book in your life. You can mail your entry to the Reading Public Library, P.O. Box 7, Reading, VT 05062; email it to [email protected], or drop off a copy. We will be collecting these vignettes through December and welcome the participation of adults and children alike. We’re hoping to capture a snapshot of our community by way of the books that helped shape its inhabitants. In the new year, we’d like to feature readers’ remembrances of books that had “legs.” Continue reading “Librarian’s Note, November 2014”