Meeting Minutes, April 2016

Reading Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

April 26, 2016


In attendance:  Libbet Downs, Vanessa Maxham, Tony Pikramenos, Peter Seman, Bill Bakker, Milde Waterfall

Minutes submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary


Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

Vanessa called for Agenda changes.  None.

March 29, 2016 Minutes approved as written.

Secretary’s Report – None

Treasurer’s Report – All accounts in good order.  Trustees reviewed spreadsheets provided.

Librarian’s Report – Moving forward with Catamount workshop on Friday, April 29th, 2016.  Bill will attend with Tony.  May Day Program is ready to go.  Flyers given to Libbet for RES.

Unfinished Business –

Automation – Friday, 1pm (April 29)

Maintenance – No new information

Preservation Week sponsored by the Vermont Historical Society (April 24 – 30) RPL will post links to information for citizens to care for collections, family heirlooms, and other precious items.

The Library will continue to collaborate on ideas with the Reading Historical Society as they move to their new location.  The Board will discuss next year’s Preservation week – April 23 – 29 for ideas for participation.

New Business – The Board discussed landscaping concerns and Tony will contact Mason Harkins to renew his contract.  Milde requested support to expand the lavender on the walkway with the help of the Garden Center and request two baskets for the front of the library.   Remaining budget dollars discussion tabled.

Summary of Decisions – Tony and Vanessa will proceed with the May Day celebration. Tony and Bill will attend the automation workshop. Milde will proceed with landscaping plans and necessary correspondence.  Tony and Milde will assemble and post information on Preservation Week for the Library website.

Items for next Agenda – Automation, Landscaping, Maintenance, Discussion of budget dollars.

Adjourned at 7:26pm