Meeting Minutes, August 2019

Reading Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

Date: August 27, 2019

Meeting commenced: 6:10

Present: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Heather Evans, Janet Malcolm, Bill Bakker

Minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve by Heather, second by Bill, all in agreement

Secretarys report: Quality Mailing House payment delivered for appeal letter mailing

Treasurers report: Town report completed! Budget up to date for previous fiscal year and for July 2019

Librarians report: Thank you note needed for Annie and Jean for astro disk. Also a thank you note needed for Gerald Gambone fixing the oak table for $15. The last comic club camp was great success and the kids loved it. A student from the White River Junction school came to present. Comcast router was reactivated to provide service to Puddledock park. Tony will check with Lisa Kaija if she is interested in doing the herb program again with the RES students. Vanessa and Janet will reach out to John Hansen to inquire if any support from the Reading Public library is wanted for the RES library

Unfinished business:

  • Maintenance- Bill talked with Jane Cleveland next to the library regarding property grounds keeping. Attached is a letter from Bill to Jane and a map outlining where the library landscaper will mow.

New business: Tony spoke with Hartland library about paying twice a year instead of four times a year. This is OK with Hartland so a check will be sent in July and January to cover $260/ year. They will reimburse if the currier program goes away.

Summary of decisions: All in agreement with mowing agreement with Jane Cleveland.

Items for next month: Folding chair purchase

Meeting Adjourned: 6:52

Date of next meeting: September 24, 2019