Meeting Minutes, August 2020

Reading Public Library meeting minutes

August 25, 2020, Call to order 6:13pm


Virtual Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Vanessa Maxham, Bill Bakker.

Absent: library trustee Janet Malcolm.

Minutes approved from last meeting (both July meeting and special meeting): Bill motions, Heather seconded, all in favor, approved.

No Secretary’s report.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill states that we are all good at the end of the fiscal year and he and Tony worked so hard to get us to balance on the penny.

Librarian’s Report: Cleaning has begun again by the cleaning person. 2 public movies have been co-sponsored with the REC; 1 more movie viewing to go. Tony brought up the idea of possibly skipping the fundraising letter for this year considering the pandemic and how stressful it has been for most families. Board discussed. Libbet motioned that we not send a letter this year. Heather seconded. All were in favor.

No Unfinished Business.

New Business: we talked about the proposed COVID-19 policy and looked at Stage 3. Tony has again worked hard to see all details and make the public safe as well as the library. Libbet motions to approve COVID partial re-opening policy, Heather seconds, all in favor, approved. Heather also motioned to approve September 1st for Stage 3 to be enacted, Bill seconded, all in favor, approved.

Summary of Decisions: There will be no fundraising letter this year. COVID partial re-opening policy approved.

Items for next month: letter of gratitude.

Adjourn 6:48pm.

Respectfully submitted by Vanessa Maxham, chair.