Meeting Minutes, July 2020

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
Date: July 7, 2020
Meeting commenced: 6:05 via ZOOM
Present: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Janet Malcolm, Bill Baker
Minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve by Bill, second by Libbet.
Secretary’s report: No new report
Treasurer’s report: Finished the fiscal year with $0 in budget
Librarian’s report: Initiated curbside service which is going well. Pop-up
computer policy created and initiated so folks can use equipment
outside. Folks can use the library catalogue and courier has begun again. Plants planted outside. Recorded books will be now available for this fiscal year. 6500 new books for adults and 2300 for children available through this. State park and historical site passes available. Tony will sign up for a movie license again for the new fiscal year and outdoor movies are a
possibility. 100 new books arriving at the library!
Unfinished business: None
Maintenance: Holding tank was emptied and discussed moving the
butterfly bush since it is growing over the septic tank. Cleaning services will
start up once a month again.
New business: None
Summary of decisions: Tony will call Scott Harkins about moving butterfly bush. Add discussion of Covid 19 reopening plan to next meeting
Meeting Adjourned: 6:47
Date of next meeting: August 25.