Meeting Minutes, July 2021

Reading Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

July 27, 2021

Call to order: 6:08 pm

Attendance: Esther Allen, Jim Bennett, Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Janet Malcolm, Heather Evans, Bill Baker, Libbet Downs

 Minutes approved from last meeting: Janet motioned, Bill seconded, all in favor, approved.

No changes to the current agenda

Secretary’s report: EC fiber opportunity brought up. Internet and phone for $100 a month since EC fiber gives public organizations a discount.

Treasurer’s report: We ended the year under budget $2.66. Current budget on track

Librarian’s report: Purchased 80 new books and they are on the shelves! Libbet and Tony are going to organize another story time in September. The rec and library are planning a movie showing. Tony has been in touch with Gerry about the podcast and Tony is waiting on Gerry’s schedule. Library passes have been going out regularly. Listen Up Vermont has had a lot of interest. Several donations for little free library. Heidi Fielder and Stephen Miller donated a portable presentation lectern and a large mat.

Unfinished Business: Maintenance – Talk about new sign next meeting

New Business: Esther would like a formal letter from the library requesting the historical artifact, Minnie Fay’s library cart, to be on loan from the historical society to the Reading library.

Summary of Decisions: A formal request for a historical artifact to be on loan from the historical society will be drafted in letter form and emailed to Esther Allen. To be sent prior to the next historical society meeting August 10.

Items for next month: EC fiber- Tony will gather info regarding what we are paying now for phone and internet and what the library contract with internet provider entails

Next meeting: Tuesday August 31, 2021

Adjourn: 7:03 pm

Respectfully submitted by: Janet Malcolm, secretary