Reading Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

March 28th, 2017

In attendance:  Libbet Downs, Vanessa Maxham, Tony Pikramenos, Bill Bakker, Milde Waterfall, Secretary.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Milde Waterfall

Called to Order at 6:10pm

Minutes approved for March 2, 2017 meeting.

No changes to Agenda

Secretary’s Report:  None

Treasurer’s Report: Recent budget shared and all on target

Librarian’s Report: Details in New Business

Unfinished Business:

Automation – Rearranged sections in Library.  Reference works now subsumed into larger collection with Dewey Decimal System.  Work on downstairs collection is underway.  Closing in on the entire collection.  Bravo!

Maintenance – Date to re attach gold letters on portico not yet determined.

Snow Removal concerns.  Board of Trustees will follow a

Complaint Protocol: Tony receives a complaint, sends an email identifying the issue to all Board members and calls Chairperson.  Chairperson either calls complainant or designates a Board member to make the call informing the person that the Board is aware of the situation and will follow up on it in relation to its urgency.  Appropriate action will follow.

New Business – Tony takes a vacation in April.  He will email the Board members the dates involved on Thursday.

Summary of Decisions – Tony emails vacation dates.  Board proceeds with Complaint Protocol.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:50pm