Meeting Minutes, March 2018

Reading Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

Date: March 27, 2018

Meeting commenced: 6:05

Present: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Janet Malcolm

Minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve by Vanessa, second by Heather.

Secretarys report: No new report

Treasurers report: Currently on track with budget

Librarians report: Tony is happy with the building being used for several groups in town (WRAP, Rec, Village Center Committee, Green Space Committee). Libbet and Tony met with Principal Cathy Knight regarding summer reading plan for RES students as well as a visit to the library before school is out. They are waiting to hear back from Cathy. Game night was a success and the next one will be April 27th 6:30-8pm. The library is hosting a sing-a-long March 30th 6:30 pm-8pm. Tony is working on putting together mindfulness programs. “May Day” scheduled for April 28th at 10:30am. The seed catalogue is up and running and several packets have been checked out. There will be a write up about the seed catalogue in the editorial section of the Vermont Standard. Tony will be on vacation 4/14, 4/17, 4/19, 4/21, 4/24, 4/26 and is looking for volunteers to open the library.

Unfinished business: Peter Seman gave his letter of resignation to Vanessa. Minnie Fay display is up! Regarding the courier, Tony spoke with Hartland librarian about joining their service and he is waiting on approval from Hartland’s board members at their next meeting. The amount the library will pay is within the budget.

New business: Purchasing good quality picnic tables was discussed at the latest Green Space meeting. Tony got quotes from a commercial supplier, from the Carriage Shed in WRJ, and from Home Depot. Ann Rubright got a quote from a local retired builder she knows. The hope is that some of the town organizations, including the library, can contribute towards this purchase. Libbet motioned for the library to donate $175 towards this purchase. Second by Vanessa. Motion passed.

Summary of decisions: May Day date April 28th. Library to donate $175 towards picnic table for green space. Waiting for Hartland to approve Reading library to be on their courier service.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:05

Date of next meeting: May 1, 2018