Meeting Minutes, October 2018

Reading Public Library Board Meeting Minutes

Date: October 23, 2018

Meeting commenced: 6:30 after signing fundraising letters.

Present: Vanessa Maxham, Heather Evans, Bill Bakker, Janet Malcolm, Tony Pikramenos

Minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve by Vanessa, second by Heather

Secretarys report: The appeal letters are signed and will be dropped off tomorrow at Quality Mailing House in Claremont. Janet spoke with Dale and they are all set to receive letters.

Treasurers report: Provided the board with updated monthly numbers for the budget.

Librarians report:

  • Make a Plate was a great success with lots of attendance!
  • Becca White will come to library November 8th at 6 pm for a solar and home energy savings program with Q and A.
  • 31 RES student’s pumpkin carving with Lisa Kaija.
  • Waiting on Irving to come to check fireplace.
  • Maintenance- Mike Barr is retiring after years of snow removal service for the library. David Carbee has given a quote the same price as  Mike Barr. Vanessa motioned to hire David Carbee for snow removal, Heather second. Unanimous vote yes by board.
  • Thank you notes to be sent to Jean Goldsborough for donating printer and scanner and Mike Barr for years of snow removal.
  • Thursday Oct. 25, Tony will be away all day for annual Catamount conference. Library will be closed and Tony will be reimbursed for mileage and time.

New Business: no new business

Summary of decisions:

  • Tony will contact David Carbee for snow removal
  • Janet will drop appeal letters to be mailed to Quality Mailing House tomorrow.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:10

Date of next meeting: November 27, 2018.