Meeting Minutes, October 2019

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes

Date: October 29, 2019
Meeting commenced: 6:15 after signing appeal letters
Present: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Heather Evans, Janet Malcolm, Bill Bakker, Libbet Downs
Minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve by Bill, second by Heather, all in agreement
Secretary’s report: No new report
Treasurer’s report: Budget on track as of September 30th
Librarian’s report: Tony did some research on the stapler that has been at the library since he has been there and discovered this stapler was made between 1946-1956 and is in amazing condition!
Tony attended Catamount Consortium meeting in Rutland along with 19 other librarians. There are now 20 libraries in the consortium as opposed to 14 when our library joined.
Make-a-plate went well at the library and although less were in attendance this year as compared to other years, a few families reached out to make them at home and bring them back to library.
30 pumpkins for K-3 RES students were purchased for pumpkin carving taking place at the library on 10/31.
Tony presented option to order 30 new chairs from Mity-Lite for programming at the library considering the current chairs are very old , heavy and difficult to store and set up. Libbet made a motion to purchase 30 chairs from Mity-Lite for library programming. Bill seconds this motion and there was a unanimous yes. Tony will follow up with Mity-Lite to purchase these.
Unfinished business:
There was an issue with the propane fireplace insert and Irving came out and repaired it free of charge. They did mention in the future the insert may need to be replaced since it is 20 years old and the on/off switch can be temperamental.
New business: No new business
Summary of decisions: Tony will follow up with Mity-Lite regarding chair purchase. Pumpkin carving is this Thursday at the library with the K-3 RES students
Items for next month: No new items
Meeting Adjourned: 6:55
Date of next meeting: Meeting for next month will take plave on November 19, 2019 instead of November 26th.