Meeting Minutes, October 2020

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
October 27th, 2020
Call to order: 6:03 pm
Virtual Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Bill Bakker, Vanessa Maxham, Janet Malcolm
Minutes approved from last meeting: Heather motioned, Bill seconded, all in favor, approved.
No changes to the current agenda
Secretary’s report: No new report
Treasurer’s report: Bill was in touch with Davis Trust and the statement will be included in the annual report. Budget is up to date.
Librarian’s report: The town has been loving the “little free library” and a thank you card will be sent to Karl Hanson. The computer station was brought in as the temperature has been dropping. Tony will once again do pumpkin carving with Lisa Kaija at the elementary school on Friday. Tony will transfer pumpkins once complete and on Halloween night he will safely distribute candy! Thirty minute visits in the library with masks on will continue.
Unfinished Business: Maintenance – Tony was able to take AC’s down, put the dehumidifier away, care for the herb and perennial garden, put the outdoor hose away and store the Puddledock umbrella in the library.
New Business: No new business
Summary of Decisions: Vanessa has a grand address list and Heather has cards ready for a letter of gratitude which will hopefully be sent out before Thanksgiving.
Items for next month: Next meeting: October 17th 6pm via ZOOM
Adjourn: 6:26pm
Respectfully submitted by: Janet Malcolm, secretary