Meeting Minutes, June 2015

Reading Library
Board of Trustees Meeting
June 30, 2015
In attendance: Libbet Downs, Peter Seman, Vanessa Maxham, Bill Bakker, Tony Pikrameos, Milde Waterfall
Minutes submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary

Called to order at 6:15pm
Minutes approved for May meeting.
No changes to Agenda
Secretary’s Report: No major items.
Treasurer’s Report: We completed the year with .09cents unspent. Bravo
Librarian’s Report: Review of expenses on Exterior Work. Discussion of Book Sale Requests for Old Home Days. Many surprised and dismayed that there will be no sale. Discussed possibility of talking with Historical Society on use of Universal Church building to build up supplies for next year. This year’s loss will be five hundred dollars. Received more donations in Mary Singleton’s memory. Peter and John Philbin have fixed the desktop issues for the time being. Tony will be out on July 14th and July 16th. A volunteer will cover library. Collaboration for a movie with the sixth graders was a success and very well attended. Tony has added one regular summer volunteer.
Unfinished Business: Maintenance issues. T is missing from the front of the library. Libbet will check tomorrow with workmen. We will request that Mike Barr put the Library Hours sign up as soon as possible. He can also complete the shelf and the railing inside the building. Alan Dutton can begin the sidewalk work as soon as the other exterior work is complete. Milde is continuing the gardens in front and the baskets for Old Home Days. The website is up and running. We discussed at length the information Tony and Bill provided on automation and agree that the next step in due diligence is for Tony and Bill to attend a Catamount meeting and report back to the Board.
New Business: Our CD is up for renewal and Peter is taking measures to secure it. Vanessa and Tony have put together a wonderful parade entry with the Wild West theme. Kids riding stick horses and pulling a replica of a Conestoga wagon and throwing out stars labeled “Library Deputy”. Summer programs have taken a back seat to all the other activities involving maintenance and automation. We will discuss further in July. Likely we will host movies.
Summary of Decisions: Libbet will check on the missing “T”. Bill will arrange his and Tony’s attendance at a Catamount meeting. Peter will check on the CD possibilities and in addition he will send an email aligning our concerns about automation and our choices. Tony will call a small library, which is a member of Catamount for their response and will attend the meeting with Bill. Milde has finished the herb garden and is preparing the hanging baskets with the help of Sharon Harkins. Once the exterior work is done more planting by the walkway will be completed.
Items for next month’s agenda: Automation, Continuing projects.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

Meeting Minutes, May 2015

Reading Library
Board of Trustees Meeting

May 26, 2015
In attendance: Libbet Downs, Peter Seman, Vanessa Maxham, Bill Bakker, Tony Pikramenos, Milde Waterfall.
Minutes submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary
Meeting called to order at 6:00pm
Minutes approved for April meeting.
No changes to Agenda

Secretary’s Report: Thank you notes sent to the family of Mary Singleton for directing donations to the library and to all donors. Also thank you to Jane Soule and Gabe Boning for program presentations.

Treasurer’s Report: General information. No significant notations.

Librarian’s Report: An Afternoon with Jane Soule and our iPad class were well attended and went well. Work with 4th and 6th grade continuing. We’ve planned a Family Movie Night for June 6th viewing Ratatouille and enjoying popcorn, lemonade and pixy stix. Met with Kevin Barnes of Friends and Neighbors to discuss a potential movie night on the ball field. Exploring costs for out door license. John Philpin is helping with our desktop monitor issues. Submitted a list of hours Librarian has given beyond contract time and discussed remuneration. Librarian will be out on June 2 and June 20th requiring coverage TBA. Librarian decided not to attend the Library conference in Burlington for State Libraries.

Unfinished Business: Tony presented ideas for explaining advantages for automation. Bill reported on Russ Moore’s report on Catamount. Tony added information he received from Tom McMurdo, Collections & Digital Initiatives Librarian, VDL. Mr. McMurdo recommended that we explore Library World as opposed to Catamount or Vokal regarding automation. Extended discussion followed. We have received no dates regarding the Exterior Painting by the Prison. Garret Mulder and Gary Macia completed work on the pillars. Mason Harkins is mowing. Several concerns remain: windows cleaned after painting, railing on stairs put back, Library hours sign needs to be secured, water is welling on the south side of the building, stove on main floor needs maintenance, front side walk needs repair. Libbet will follow up with prison time frame. Remaining budget after all payments made in June will be minimal.

New Business: Board agreed to go ahead with plantings and hanging baskets in preparation for Old Home Days. Board reviewed and accepted the Building Uses Agreement crafted by the Librarian following extended discussion and review of history of the process. The Policy remains at the Board’s discretion and will be reevaluated in January.

Summary of Decisions:
Tony will research Library World and monitor the new Library Use policy, as well as continue to research license for out door movies. In addition he will continue work with the 4th and 6ths grades regarding movie night and other potential projects. Libbet will discuss dates with the prison for exterior work. Milde will pursue planting and baskets. Bill will follow up with Russ Moore in Springfield regarding Catamount.

Next Month’s Agenda possibilities: Automation, Continuing Projects, Budget reviews.
Meeting Adjourned at 7:45pm