Librarian’s Note, June 2016

Librarian’s Note

We have a free pass (admits 4) available for the Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) in Quechee. In addition to raptor enclosures, a songbird exhibit, and nature trails, there are many seasonal programs on site for families to enjoy. The library also offers a pass for many of Vermont’s state parks, good for free entry into designated park day-areas for up to 8 people in a vehicle. The pass can be checked out for 2 days and is good at Ascutney, Plymouth, Wilgus, and Silver Lake state parks, among others. We’ve got a similar pass for half a dozen Vermont historical sites, including the Eureka Schoolhouse in Springfield, the Old Constitution House in Windsor, and the Calvin Coolidge Birthplace at Plymouth Notch. The passes are good until the parks and historic sites close for the season; those dates vary according to the rules of the individual park or site.

The library carries Consumer Reports magazine, which rates everything from cars to cell phones. We keep a year’s worth of issues here for perusal or for loan. Because there are no ads in the magazine, Consumer Reports is beholden to no one but us, the consumers. They have an extensive website, as well, but charge an annual fee to use it fully. The library has access. If you’d like to see about a product that hasn’t been covered in the magazine recently, drop in and I’ll get you onto the site free.

The library’s Board of Trustees meets the last Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. here at the library. We want to remind folks that the meetings are open to anyone who wants to sit in. There is an opportunity during meetings for visitors to speak about concerns they may have or to offer suggestions; we encourage either, or both. With the addition of a wheelchair lift some years ago, the main floor, the bathroom, and the children’s room (by the way) are all accessible.

Libraries teach and reinforce important social values, particularly to children. The idea of borrowing, using, caring for, and returning a shared public resource is considered valuable and unique to libraries. By caring for community resources, residents exhibit respect for others in their town. In this way, the library helps build good citizens.



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