Meeting Minutes, April 2021

Reading Public Library

 meeting minutes

April 27th, 2021

Call to order: 6:05pm

Virtual Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Vanessa Maxham,

Bill Bakker Absent: library trustee Janet Malcolm

Minutes approved from last meeting; Bill motioned, Libbet seconded, all in favor.

No changes to the current agenda.

Secretary’s Report: Janet not present but she submitted information prior to the meeting that she has issued a thank you note to Jean Goldsborough for her technical assistance and to Scott Harkins for his help moving the butterfly bush out front of the library.

Treasurer’s Report: Budget is on track.

Librarian’s Report:

The seed library is going great.

The poetry stroll has been up and running-April is poetry month.

3 story-times with Libbet have taken place, with a rousing success. Libbet hopes to do more of these in July!

We are looking forward to more outdoor movies this spring/summer with a co-sponsorship from Reading Rec.

Gerry M will soon be coming to work with Tony to set up a podcasting area for constituents.

Tony is going to order plants from the Reading Greenhouse, for the herb garden this week.

Tony will be doing the pop-up computer station for folks who wish to use it outside this summer when weather permits.

The CDC guidelines have recently changed, but we are going to keep things the way they are until after our June meeting. We will reassess then.

Unfinished Business: Our neighbor removed plants from the small garden adjacent to the library-she cleaned it out to give the plants room to thrive/breathe. Heather talked about the cement walkway in front of the library needing to be fixed (again) and she mentioned it might be a good idea to ask Lisa Kaija about making a mosaic there. We will see if this can be done.

Maintenance: part of the library’s (hours open) sign has come loose and needs to be fixed.

Cyrus Harkins will begin mowing our lawn soon. Tony will talk to him to solidify plans.

New Business: Tony’s paid vacation will be from Saturday, May 29th and he will return on Saturday, June 19th.

Summary of Decisions: Tony to talk to Cyrus, Heather to speak with Lisa K.

Items for next month:

Adjourn: 6:37pm

Respectfully submitted by Vanessa Maxham, chair