Meeting Minutes, April 2022

Reading Public Library
Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2022
In attendance – Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Vanessa Maxham, Tony Pikramenos, Bill Bakker.
1. Call to Order – 6:10 PM.
2. Approve minutes from last meeting – Minutes reviewed. Heather moved to approve. Bill provided second. All voted in favor.
3. Public comments – None.
4. Query for changes to agenda – No changes.
5. Secretary’s report – No report at this meeting.
6. Treasurer’s report – As of March 31, there was $8190 remaining in the budget. Bill and Tony will work together to ensure all funds are utilized to meet the library’s needs by the end of the fiscal year.
7. Librarian’s report
a. Storytime with Libbet series just concluded and was very successful. Discussions are ongoing to do another series.
b. Tony has started using the $2000 grant for the purchase of children’s books.
c. The library received an air purifier from the ARPA funds provided to the town.
d. Tony will be taking paid vacation from May 7 through May 26, returning to work on May 28.
8. Unfinished business
a. Maintenance – Vanessa continues to explore contractors to repair the cement walkway.
b. Town Grant Policy – Bill attended the Selectboard meeting in March to discuss the Town Grant Policy. The policy states “all grants must be approved by the Selectboard prior to sending an application.” He asked the Selectboard to amend the policy to exclude the library from the policy, as it runs counter to Vermont statutes for libraries, which state “[The Library Board of Trustees shall] receive, control, and manage property which shall come into the hands of the municipality by gift, purchase, devise, or bequest for the use and benefit of the library.” The Selectboard chair and Town Treasurer explained that the intent of the policy is not to require Selectboard approval before all grants are submitted, but rather to ensure that the town is aware of grant money being received, if the town is audited. Bill thanked them for the clarification and all parties agreed that the library will not need to notify the Selectboard prior to applying for any grant and the library commits to notifying the town treasurer of grant applications that have been accepted and grant funds the library will be receiving.
9. New business – None.
10. Summary of decisions
11. Items for next month
a. Maintenance and cement.
12. Adjourn – 6:55 PM.