Meeting Minutes, August 2021

Reading Public Library
Board of Trustees
Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Tuesday, September 14, 2021
In attendance – Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Bill Bakker
1. Call to order at 6:08
2. Approve minutes from last meeting – Motion made and seconded. Minutes approved
3. Public comments – None
4. Query for changes to the agenda – No changes
5. Secretary’s report – None
6. Treasurer’s report – Nothing noteworthy for this fiscal year yet. Expenses are on track as expected.
7. Librarian’s report
a. Elevator inspection has been completed and the lift has passes inspection
b. Phone and internet – We are not under contract with Consolidated Communications and can make changes to our phone service provider at any time. We are under contract with FirstLight through June, 2022.The board will discuss changes to internet service provider at a future meeting to evaluate if there are cost savings by switching to ECFiber
c. Hanging sign in the library’s yard will need to be replaced. Board members will evaluate vendors to make a new sign and discuss at a future meeting
d. Outdoor movie night with the Reading Recreation Commission was a success
e. Tony has been in contact with the school regarding a pumpkin carving program for this year. Details are still being developed
f. Make-a-Plate event is being planned. Details are still being developed, especially as it relates to COVID and proper public safety procedures
g. A second Storytime with Libbet program is being developed
8. Unfinished business
a. Maintenance – no projects currently happening
9. New business – None
10. Summary of Decisions
a. Board will contact sign vendors
b. Bill will explore the possible switch to ECFiber
11. Agenda items for next month
a. Annual appeal
12. Adjourn at 6:51