Reading Library Board of Trustees Meeting

March 2, 2017


In attendance:  Libbet Downs, Milde Waterfall, Bill Bakker, Tony Pikramenos

Minutes submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary

In Vanessa’s absence Libbet called the meeting to order at 6:10pm.

Query for Changes to the Agenda – Libbet suggested we focus on the two objectives for Town Meeting , the only actions requiring immediate attention and table the rest of the Agenda.  Milde, Bill, and Tony agreed.

New Business:  Town Meeting.  Milde will nominate Vanessa and Libbet will second the motion.  Tony will prepare remarks amplifying the reasons listed by the Historical Society in the Town report if its appropriate.

Milde motioned that we adjourn at 6:30pm.  Libbet seconded.  Meeting adjourned.