Meeting Minutes, January 2021

Reading Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2021

Call to order: 6:05 pm

Virtual Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Janet Malcolm, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans

Minutes approved from last meeting: Janet motioned, Libbet seconded, all in favor, approved.

No changes to the current agenda

Secretary’s report: No new report

Treasurer’s report: No new report

Librarian’s report: Folks were grateful for thank you cards sent out. We still received unsolicited donations in total of $1,576, Tony turned checks over to Bill. Tony finished the annual report and turned into Calista that will go in town report for March.

Due to Covid numbers continuing to rise in VT and NH, no changes in procedures with library visits at this time. Will continue with Stage 2B

Virtual story telling a possibility Tony and Libbet are exploring. Any ideas for virtual programming is welcome.

April is poetry month. Tony talked with someone from Mary Blood library about doing a  collaborative effort where folks travel around in cars and read poems posted around West Windsor and Reading.

Unfinished Business: Maintenance – No new report

New Business: No new business

Summary of Decisions: Continue with Stage 2B

Items for next month: Next meeting: February 23 6pm via ZOOM