Meeting Minutes, July 2018

Reading Public Library Board Meeting Minutes

Date: July 31, 2018

Meeting commenced: 6:05

Present: Vanessa Maxham, Libbet Downs, Heather Evans, Bill Baker, Janet Malcolm

Minutes from last meeting: Motion to approve by Vanessa, second by Heather

Secretarys report: No new report

Treasurers report: At the close of the fiscal year we are zeroed out for the year. The budget increased to $32,300. Vanessa and Bill are working on having Bill included on the checkbook.

Librarians report: Local groups including Wastewater, REC, and Green spaces, continue to meet at the library. Don Scullin is borrowing a projector and the historical society is borrowing a portable screen which the library is happy to lend out. Thank you note to Stephen D’agastino needs to be sent for baking cookies for the summer programs. Esther clarified with Tony the delayed donation check. The summer reading program was a sweet series despite the SOAK program most likely effecting attendance. Thanks to Bill, Janet and Heather for helping with snacks and crafts.

Unfinished Business:

-Maintenance- Mike Barr is not comfortable with repairing the bird nest area to the soffit due to the height. Tony is waiting to hear back from his nephews who possibly may be interested in repairing. Tony also reached out to David Appleton regarding the tree in the front yard and is waiting to hear back from him. Jason Dow to do sidewalk repair and Bill will follow up with him about doing this repair in August.

New Business:

-Random Art show to be held at library on August 3. Heather is collecting art and organizing and setting this up. Will most likely be indoors if it rains. Stephen is writing about the show in Thursday’s column.

Summary of decisions: Bill is following up with Jason Dow regarding sidewalk repair. Tony is waiting to hear back from David Appleton regarding tree and Mike Barr regarding his nephews repairing soffit. Random Art show is coming along for August 3!

Meeting Adjourned: 6:30

Date of next meeting: August 28, 2018