Meeting Minutes, July 2022

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
July 12, 2022
1. Call to order 6:03/ Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Heather Evans, Bill Baker, Libbet Downs
2. Minutes approved from last meeting: Janet motions, Bill seconds, all in favor, approved
3. No changes to current agenda
4. Secretary’s Report: No new report
5. Treasurer’s Report: July 1st started next fiscal year and budget is on track
6. Librarian’s report: EC Fiber update- a backer board needs to be installed. Vanessa will ask Gary Macia if he is interested in installing this board and Janet will ask Carl. We are still looking for someone to work on filling hole damage on the side of the building from birds. Tony was able to purchase 45 passes to Montshire and one year pass to Shelburne
Museum. 180 new children books processed, thank you Tony! Possible movie at Puddledock Park cosponsored by library and Reading Rec.
7. Unfinished Business: Maintenance: Vanessa is still waiting for cement person to contact her.
8. New Business: None
9. Summary of Decisions: Vanessa and Janet will talk to Gary and Carl about installing board; Bill will talk to his handyman regarding filling holes
10. Items for Next Month: Maintenance
11. Adjourn: 7:01
Respectfully submitted by Janet Malcolm