Meeting Minutes, May 2022

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
May 31, 2022
Call to order: 6:05 pm
Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Heather Evans, Bill Baker, Libbet Downs
Minutes approved from last meeting: Libbet motioned, Bill seconded, all in favor, approved.
No changes to the current agenda
Secretary’s report: No new report
Treasurer’s report: About $125 left in budget for the year: herb garden flowers will be
purchased to close out the fiscal year. Great work Bill and Tony- thank you.
Librarian’s report: We are trying to find a local person to mow the library lawn as the last
person isn’t going to be doing that work any longer.
Library will be closed Saturday, June 11th due to personal business for Tony.
Monthly agenda needs to be more consistent per town treasurer; will come up with a
EC Fiber: Tony will talk with John Malcolm about when that will be finished.
Unfinished Business:
Maintenance – Vanessa is still waiting for cement person to contact her.
New Business: Bird hole in building on side with lilacs…Tony to follow up w/ building to
see if it can be taken care of. Thank you Heather, for noticing.
Summary of Decisions:
Items for next month:
Next meeting: Tuesday June 28, 2022
Adjourn: 6:44 pm
Respectfully submitted by: Vanessa Maxham, Chairperson