Meeting Minutes, November 2020

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
November 24, 2020
Call to order: 6:06 pm
Virtual Attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Heather Evans, Vanessa Maxham, Janet Malcolm
Minutes approved from last meeting: Heather motioned, Vanessa seconded, all in favor, approved.
No changes to the current agenda
Secretary’s report: No new report
Treasurer’s report: No new report
Librarian’s report: Other libraries are going back to curbside service only, from Thanksgiving through January 15th. Tony would like to do this as well. Tony would like to be able to provide internet access to those who need it and proposed stage 2B. Stage 2B would be curbside service only, along with one hour appointments to use the computer in the building. Only one
person at a time and only for folks who have no internet service at home. This would be in effect from the Saturday after Thanksgiving through January during our next board meeting unless the state goes into total lockdown. Motion to approve stage 2B by Vanessa, Janet seconded, all in favor, approved. Notes of gratitude were placed in the mail.
Unfinished Business: Maintenance – Scott moved the butterfly bush in between the septic covers.
New Business: No new business
Summary of Decisions: Stage 2B will start Saturday after Thanksgiving
Items for next month: Next meeting: December 29 6pm via ZOOM
Adjourn: 6:40pm