Gilbert Davis Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

October 24, 2017

Next meeting Tuesday, November 28.

In attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Milde Waterfall, Libbet Downs, Bill Bakker

Called to order at 6:00pm

Agenda changes:  no changes

Secretary’s Report:  Appeal Letter ready for signatures, then mailing.

Treasurer’s Report: Tabled

Librarian’s Report – Jean Goldsborough worked with Tony’s email glitches and solved them.  Pumpkin carving will be Monday at the Library for K thru 6 and at the school for Pre-K and painting pumpkins.  The pumpkins will be displayed at the Library on Halloween and Tony will be handing out treats.

Unfinished Business

  • Appeal Letter – Check written and to be sent to Red House Press. Signed letters and envelopes will be delivered to Claremont tomorrow for mailing.
  • Automation – Tony trained on Monday and Tuesday last week. Tony goes to the Annual Meeting for Catamount on Thursday in Ludlow.  MaryAnn will provide Library coverage.  He will check on info for patrons on the program.  The Board approved Tony’s request to take the volunteers to lunch as a thank you for their hard work.
  • Maintenance – Bill suggested we hold off on the sidewalk work until spring. The Board agreed.
  • Minnie Fay Exhibit – Tony and Bill continue planning the operational matters and logistics.

New Business-

  • Budget – Tabled in Peter’s absence
  • Libbet reported on a project WRAP (Women of Reading) would like to pursue. One member attended the John Brown Symposium and though the group would like to offer films that are issues oriented on evenings in the Library.  Tony shared the issues involved with licensure.  Libbet will go to the group to find possible films and Tony can check the requirements.
  • Vanessa appointed Bill as Acting Treasurer to work with Peter during November in order to be prepared for Peter’s departure.

Summary of Decisions-

  • Milde will write thank you notes and deliver the Appeal Letters to Claremont for mailing.
  • Tony will continue work on automation and take the volunteers out for lunch.
  • Bill will email Peter and plan a meeting before the November meeting.
  • Libbet will meet with WRAP regarding films.

Adjourned at 6:55pm