Meeting Minutes, September 2018

Library Board Meeting Minutes
September 25, 2018


Attendees: Heather Evans, Vanessa Maxham, Bill Bakker, Tony Pikramenos, Esther Allen

  1. Call to order at 6:15 PM
  2. New business – Audit of library checkbook
    • Esther Allen reviewed the findings and recommendations for improved management and clarity of the library’s checkbook. The treasurer will work and making additional changes and improved recordkeeping in line with her recommendations
  3. Approve minutes from last meeting – Minutes approved by board
  4. Query for changes to the agenda – Except for moving New Business to the first item, there were no additional changes
  5. Secretary’s report – No report this evening
  6. Treasurer’s report
    • Treasurer reviewed the current expenses and budget for FY19
    • Sidewalk repair has been completed. The board approved the use of library checkbook funds to pay for the maintenance
  7. Librarian’s report
    • Soffit repairs have been completed
    • Snow plowing – Our current person has retired, so we are searching for a new person
    • Game night on Sept 21 was a success. Next game night will be in October
    • Upcoming programs
      1. Sept 26 – Herb program with RES K-1
      2. Oct 20 – Make a Plate
  • Oct 31 – Pumpkin carving
  1. Becca White solar information program sometime in the fall
  • Several new books have been recently purchased
  • Vanessa has created a list of the names and dates of service for all the town‘s librarians. We are considering how best to display and recognize all our librarians
  • Annual appeal letter is being created and will go out after the next board meeting
  1. New business Next board meeting date
    • The board approved a change in the next meeting date to Oct 23 (one week earlier) to allow annual appeal letters to go out earlier
  2. Summary of decisions – Bill reviewed all decisions and action items
  3. Adjourn at 7:45 PM