Meeting Minutes, September 2021

Board of Trustees Meeting – September 28, 2021
Attendees – Vanessa Maxham, Tony Pikramenos, Heather Evans, Bill Bakker
Not in attendance – Libbet Downs, Janet Malcolm
1. Call to order – 6:08 PM
2. Approve minutes from last meeting – Motion made, seconded, and all were in favor
3. Public comments – None
4. Query for changes to the agenda – no changes proposed
5. Secretary report – no report this month
6. Treasurer report – Library budget has about 27500 remaining for the fiscal year and the checkbook has just over 24000. All checks written at the end of FY21 were cashed within FY21
7. Librarian report
1. Make a plate event is being planned. Details still under development
regarding how to ensure public safety
2. Story time with Libbet being developed and considered for November
3. Pumpkin carving for Halloween will be done at the school in partnership
with Lisa Kaija
8. Unfinished business
1. Maintenance – Library sign. Trustees with discuss the project with various vendors to get proposals
2. ECFiber – we will discuss moving phone and internet to ECFiber in the
winter for transition in July once contract with Comcast ends
3. Annual appeal – Tony will write the letter and contact printers. Goal is to
send out the appeal letters in early November
9. New business – None this month
10. Summary of decisions
11. Items for next month – signs, annual appeal
12. Adjourn – 6:41 PM
Next Meeting is Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021