Meeting Minutes, February 2015

Reading Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

February 24, 2015

In attendance: Libbet Downs, Peter Seman, Vanessa Maxham, Tony Pikramenos, Milde Waterfall

Minutes submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary

Meeting called to order at 6:05pm

Minutes approved from last meeting.

Secretary’s Report: No new news.

Treasurer’s Report: Budget status is the same noting a rise in heating costs.

Librarian’s Report:

  • Vermont Movie first two installments have been well attended.
  • Both book clubs continue to meet. I Am Malala and Remembrance of Things Past are the two choices.
  • Several community groups now use the Library for meetings.
  • Hazel King is working with Libbet to explore the idea of local authors selling their books at the Library.
  • All bills for the interior and floor of the Library are in and within prior estimates.
  • The exterior mat by the front door and a map near the computer have been purchased to prevent damage to the floor.
  • Website continues to move toward completion
  • Tony is talking with a local photographer regarding the purchase of a camera for the Library.

Unfinished Business:

  • Read A Thon in April and Library will participate.
  • Menus program with Jane Soule tentatively on hold but planned for March.
  • Town Meeting participation discussed. Three trustees will be voted in.

New Business:

  • Tony is working with Patty Collins on the 6th grade program
  • Tony presented dates needing coverage during his vacation in April.

Summary of Decisions:

  • Libbet will continue to work with Hazel King on the authors project.
  • Milde will continue to work with Jane Soule on the Menus and Memories program for March.
  • Tony will pursue purchase of camera
  • Libbet and Tony will continue to work on the Read A Thon

Meeting Adjourned at 6:40pm