Meeting Minutes, April 2023

Reading Library Board of Trustees
May 1, 2023
Meeting Minutes
Present: Vanessa Maxham, Bill Bakker, Heather Evans, Libbet Downs
1. Call to Order – 6:05 PM
2. Call for changes to the agenda – None proposed
3. Public comments – None
4. Secretary’s Report – No report this month
5. Treasurers Report
a. There is $4865.97 left in the annual budget from the town
b. Bill will work with Tony to manage final annual expenses
6. Librarian’s Report – No report this month
7. Old business
a. Maintenance – No current projects need discussion at this time
b. Programs – Tony continues to produce the podcast with Gerry Marletta
8. New business – None at this time
9. Agenda items for next month – The Board of Trustees will have an executive session on next month’s agenda
10. Adjourn – 6:27 PM