Meeting Minutes, March 2023

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
March 28, 2023
1. Call to order 6:03/ Attendance: Vanessa Maxham, Janet Malcolm, Tony Pikramenos, Heather Evans, Bill Baker, Bill Neukomm
2. Minutes approved from last meeting: Janet motions, Vanessa seconds, all in favor
Public Comments : Bill Neaukomm with the Reading Energy Committee joined us to share what the next steps would be for our library to achieve increased energy resilience. The state has just announced a program called the Municipal Energy Resilience Program/Buildings and General Services (MERP). To access the available funds through this program a level II energy assessment (audit) of a building must be done.
Contractors who perform these assessments must be BPI certified and on the Efficiency Vermont approved contractor list.
The Energy Committee is happy to assist the Library in obtaining the Level II assessment of the building along with applying for the MERP.
Vanessa motions to move forward with the level 2 energy assessment ( audit) when the state establishes the regulations needed for the MERP application. Janet seconds this motion and is approved unanimously. The library board would like to do this to be most cost effective and energy resilient Tony will contact Bill Neukomm to let him know of our decision. Thank you Bill Neukomm for volunteering your time and skills to our town!
3. Secretary’s Report: Thank you notes up to date
4. Treasurer’s Report: budget is on track ; we did get the $1500 budget increase approved; our new fiscal year budget is $33,800
5. Librarian’s report: we have received $1,483 from our generous patrons! Tony confirmed with David Morse and Nate Titus that they will repair the soffit. Gerry and Tony have made two more podcasts and are enjoying providing this for our community. Fall and winter game night series have come to an end and we plan on doing three outdoor movies during the warm months. We are talking about starting a book group discussion and planning on doing make-a -plate.
6. Unfinished Business: Maintenance: Heather has a contact for sidewalk repair
7. New Business: none
8. Summary of Decisions: We will move forward with level 2 energy assessment and will let Bill Neaukomm know this. We’re going to celebrate birthdays with yummy treats at our meetings and we now know all of the board members birthdays! January 19 – Tony ;
March 17 – Heather ; May 22- Bill June 11 – Janet ; July 2 -Vanessa; October 2- Libbet
9. Items for Next Month: maintenance
10. Adjourn: 7:45
Respectfully submitted by Janet Malcolm