Meeting Minutes, October 2022

Reading Public Library
Board Meeting Minutes
October 25, 2022
1. Call to order 6:15/ Attendance: Vanessa Maxham, Bill Baker, Libbet Downs, Janet Malcolm
2. Minutes approved from last meeting: Bill motions, Libbet seconds, all in favor, approved
3. No changes to current agenda
4. Secretary’s Report: No new report
5. Treasurer’s Report: budget is on track. Library board voted and approved for annual budget request of $33,800. This reflects the increase in expenses due to inflation and other factors.
6. Librarian’s report: No new report
7. Unfinished Business: Maintenance: Weatherization of building is scheduled for Saturday
October 29th. Still looking for sidewalk repair help.
8. New Business: none
9. Summary of Decisions: budget request
10. Items for Next Month: Maintenance
11. Adjourn: 6:45
Respectfully submitted by Janet Malcolm