Meeting Minutes, January 2018

Gilbert Davis Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

January 30, 2018

Next meeting February 27

Reminder: Town Hall Meeting March 3

In attendance: Tony Pikrameos, Vanessa Maxham, Milde Waterfall, Libbet Downs, Janet Malcolm, visitor

Called to Order at 6:10pm

No Changes to the Agenda

Minutes approved from November meeting.

Secretary’s Report –  Thank you notes will be completed on Thursday, February 2, 2018

Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Bakker, the new Treasurer, sent the report through Tony.  The budget changes reflect book and audio book purchases as increases.

Librarian’s Report – Tony has researched the possibility of using the old card catalog as a seed catalog for patrons to donate and receive seeds this spring.  Tony discussed the matter with Scott Harkin who thought it was a good idea. Discussion continued about a potential focus on local gardeners rather than using seeds donated by companies.  Contacting other two other local libraries that have tried seed exchanges Tony found that success was inconsistent. Further research needed.

The fifth and sixth graders are participating in the Dorothy Canfield Fisher books.  They now have library cards and trying to connect with Listen Up Vermont.  Also working on Sharing Red Clover Books with K-4.  On going discussions with RES Principal regarding visits to the Library.  The Library now has a new set of Caroling pamphlets for next year.  Recently, the following groups have used the library for meetings: Recreation Group, WRAP, Village Center Committee, Aging in Place,  and used for Depositions as well.  The order of new books has been processed for check out.  Bob Allen requested info on the library lift as a potential for the Historical Society.  Ron Wanamaker has sent detailed explanation of the attaching of the letters for the library’s records.

Unfinished Business –  Bill and Tony have produced a  diary album with photos and narrative of Minnie Fay as a beginning of the exhibit they have been planning.  It is available for viewing upon request.

Maintenance – Dave Behan has repaired the plumbing issues.  Lights have been repaired and bulbs replaced by Millbrook Electric.

New Business –  WRAP still discussing potential film series.  The reports went to the Town Clerk for publication at Town Meeting.  New Patron info is being processed into our database.

Summary of Decisions:  Bill will contact the Courier Group with Catamount regarding their route.  Vanessa will follow up with Peter Seman regarding his letter of Resignation.  Tony will talk with Principal Knight regarding school visits.  Libbet will continue to explore film possibilities with WRAP. Milde will contact Westminster Crackers regarding Library supply.

Adjourned 7:35pm Minutes respectfully submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary

Note Bene:  December  2017 Meeting not held due to weather and other conflicts

Meeting Minutes, November 2017

Gilbert Davis Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

November 28, 2017

Next meeting December 26, 2017

In attendance:  Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Milde Waterfall, Libbet Downs, Bill Bakker, Peter Seman

Called to order at 6:05pm

Agenda Changes: no changes

Secretary’s Report: Thank you notes to 28 responses to Appeal Letter.  Two checks need to be written – one to QMH (Quality Mailing House) and one to Tony for stamps.

Treasurer’s Report – Peter presented the current Operating Budget and a document from FY 1997 to the present listing requests for Town Appropriations for the Library.

Librarian’s Report:

  • The Department of Libraries has scrapped the old Library Loan Program and a new one, Clover, is operative. Tony talked with the Windsor Librarian regarding the program.
  • One of the Library laptops died (RIP) but we still have one desktop and two laptops that are operative.
  • The Fire Department and the Rescue Squad borrowed our projector for a program.
  • The Handicapped Lift has had its first successful use for a patron from West Windsor.
  • Listen Up Vermont shared the statistics of patrons use in Reading from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017, which revealed 482 users.
  • Programs: Halloween – even without power and school cancelled students came and carved pumpkins.  A local farmer picked up the pumpkins the next day for pig food.  Good recycling effort!
  • A Tree Lighting celebration will be held in the green space beside the library on December 1 at 6:30pm. The tree will be lit each night from 5pm to 10pm with the help of an extension cord to the library.  The annual caroling celebration will be held on December 22nd at the Library.
  • Peter was asked to write a letter to Vanessa, Chairperson, explaining his resignation. The Library makes a recommendation to the Selectmen who can approve the replacement before Town Meeting or a new member can be nominated at Town Meeting.

Unfinished Business:

  • Bill gave an up-date on the Minnie Fay exhibit he and Tony have been designing. Tony is making an album with narrative and pictures to be placed in the book cart and two or three framed photos will be placed on the wall.
  • Tony gave everyone his or her new Library Card. He is creating a newsflash to help with information for the public on new procedures with automation.  Stay tuned in the next Informer or check for more information.  We went live with the new automation last Tuesday, November 21, 2017.
  • Tony took our volunteers to lunch at South Woodstock General Store and a good time was had by all.
  • A few glitches are being worked out with Catamount. Tony is inputting patrons for their new library cards.
  • The globe light outside was replaced for the first time in 16 years. Mike Barr also replaced two interior lights.
  • The picnic table in front of the Library has been removed, as it was no longer safe for patrons to sit on.
  • Mike Barr will resume the plowing this winter.

New Business:

  • Libbet’s group is brainstorming possible films to screen at the Library
  • Request to Town for budget is currently $29,280 and has remained the same since 2013. The Board moved to Executive session.  Discussion followed regarding a raise for Tony and a general request.

Summary of Decisions.  Tony will check on the possibility of ordering from Staples through Calista.  Bill and Peter will meet regarding the position of Treasurer.  Vanessa will alert Bill to the requirements of the position of Treasurer.  Libbet will meet with WRAP regarding film choices.  Milde will continue to respond with thank you notes to contributors.

Adjourned 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary


Meeting Minutes, October 2017

Gilbert Davis Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

October 24, 2017

Next meeting Tuesday, November 28.

In attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Milde Waterfall, Libbet Downs, Bill Bakker

Called to order at 6:00pm

Agenda changes:  no changes

Secretary’s Report:  Appeal Letter ready for signatures, then mailing.

Treasurer’s Report: Tabled

Librarian’s Report – Jean Goldsborough worked with Tony’s email glitches and solved them.  Pumpkin carving will be Monday at the Library for K thru 6 and at the school for Pre-K and painting pumpkins.  The pumpkins will be displayed at the Library on Halloween and Tony will be handing out treats.

Unfinished Business

  • Appeal Letter – Check written and to be sent to Red House Press. Signed letters and envelopes will be delivered to Claremont tomorrow for mailing.
  • Automation – Tony trained on Monday and Tuesday last week. Tony goes to the Annual Meeting for Catamount on Thursday in Ludlow.  MaryAnn will provide Library coverage.  He will check on info for patrons on the program.  The Board approved Tony’s request to take the volunteers to lunch as a thank you for their hard work.
  • Maintenance – Bill suggested we hold off on the sidewalk work until spring. The Board agreed.
  • Minnie Fay Exhibit – Tony and Bill continue planning the operational matters and logistics.

New Business-

  • Budget – Tabled in Peter’s absence
  • Libbet reported on a project WRAP (Women of Reading) would like to pursue. One member attended the John Brown Symposium and though the group would like to offer films that are issues oriented on evenings in the Library.  Tony shared the issues involved with licensure.  Libbet will go to the group to find possible films and Tony can check the requirements.
  • Vanessa appointed Bill as Acting Treasurer to work with Peter during November in order to be prepared for Peter’s departure.

Summary of Decisions-

  • Milde will write thank you notes and deliver the Appeal Letters to Claremont for mailing.
  • Tony will continue work on automation and take the volunteers out for lunch.
  • Bill will email Peter and plan a meeting before the November meeting.
  • Libbet will meet with WRAP regarding films.

Adjourned at 6:55pm

Meeting Minutes, September 2017

Gilbert Davis Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

September 26, 2017


In attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Milde Waterfall, Libbet Downs, Peter Seman.

Called to order at 6:00pm

Agenda change:  no changes

Secretary’s Report:  All systems in place for Appeal Letter after the Board approves Tony’s draft tonight

Treasurer’s Report:  First Light: We are working down the credit from last year.  At our next meeting Tony will report the details of the changes and discounts relating to First Light.  No other items of consequence in expenditures.

Librarian’s Report – The brick pavers are gone from the backyard.  Tony and Bill are exploring the Minnie Fay exhibit possibilities.  Tony will focus on the narrative of Minnie Fay’s career here.  Bill will work on the display design.

Budget Request for next year and Annual Librarian and Treasurer reports are due to Town by December 1st.  Tony will email details on gifts of commemorative China pieces from Thomas and Lynn Singleton to the Library later.

Maintenance: No news on the sidewalk repair.  The Board would like Bill to continue to contact the contractor to complete the work.

The Letters are up and it was a success. Milde offered special kudos to Peter who insisted that we contract the work to be done in order not to damage the letters and to protect them from water damage.  We briefly discussed important material to be archived regarding the letters and we send a letter to the Gilbert Davis Trust with the newspaper article attached for their records.

Automation- The annual Catamount meeting on October 26th will be in Ludlow and Tony will attend. The system will go live on November 14th.  Training will be scheduled for two days the week of October 16th.

New Business: The Board approved the Appeal Letter and Tony will send it to the printer.  Peter indicated that he would stay on the Board through November but then, after many years of service; he would like to devote his time to other community work.  Milde’s term is also up this year and she will not be returning.  That will leave two open positions on the Board.  Anyone interested should contact Tony or Vanessa prior to Town Meeting.

Summary of Decisions:  Bill will continue to problem solve the sidewalk repair.  Tony will mail the Appeal Letter to the printer.  Milde will pick up the material for the Board to sign at our October meeting and then take it to be mailed.

We adjourned at 6:45pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary

Meeting Minutes, June 2017

Gilbert Davis Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

June 27, 2017


In attendance:  Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Milde Waterfall, Libbet Downs


Called to Order at 6:05pm

No changes to Agenda


Secretary’s Report: Note sent to Hall  Art Foundation thanking them for Art Book collection.  Contacted gentlemen at Shelburne Village and we are tentatively set  for September to put the gold leaf letters on the front of the building.  Lavender is doing well and baskets for the cheek walls created by Sharon Harkin are fantastic.


Treasurer’s Report:  Tony reported in Peter’s absence that we ended the year on the penny.


Librarian’s Report:  Jane Cleveland gifted the library with personal notes by her aunt, Marjorie Cleveland Swain.  Libbet also brought notes from Jane.  Marjorie’s  notes share memories of Minnie Fay, with whom she worked.  Tony will respond.

Speaking of Reading will be held in the Library on Old Home Days from 12 noon to 3pm allowing residents to share stories of life in Reading. The library is note hosting the event but offering use of the library space.

Tony offered the Reading Volunteer Fire Department sign, which has been in the Library attic for ten or so years to the Historical Society.

Wayne Shontz has given us a quote for the work needed on the front sidewalk.  The quote is very reasonable.  The Board motioned and  second a motion to accept his offer.  He will start in July.

Tony shared information he had about the potential sale of part of the lot next to the library.   Waiting for confirmation on this sale.


Unfinished Business:  Automation.  On schedule.  Closing in as we are half way through the Early Readers, heading to the Picture Books, and then Juvenile Fiction.  Finished then.

Brief discussion on what to do with the cards in the card catalog.  They are treasured historical documents.


New Business – Next meeting July 25.  Discussed plans for the green space beside the library:  parking, movies, farmer’s market, contra dance, funding for a gazebo.  So many wonderful possibilities.


Summary of Decisions:  Sidewalk repair will start after Old Home Days.


Adjourned at 6:47pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary

Meeting Minutes, May 2017

Gilbert Davis Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

May 30, 2017


In attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Peter Seman, Bill Bakker, Vanessa Maxham, Milde Waterfall


Called to Order at 6:10pm

Minutes approved for April 25, 2017

No Changes to Agenda


Secretary’s Report –  Thank you note needed for gift books from Hall Art Foundation.  Will order baskets for the cheek walls from the Greenhouse and gift certificates for volunteers.


Treasurer’s Report – Reviewed month and year end reports.  All on track.  Signatures all approved at bank for checks.


Librarian’s Report – Deferred to Maintenance


Unfinished Business

Automation –  Now in children’s sections.  Projected finish is end of August.

Milde will proceed with plans for putting letters up in September/October

Maintenance – Continue contract with Mason Harkins for library lawn.

Milde will trim lavender and replace plants if needed.


New Business – None


Summary of Decisions:  Milde will contact Shelburn Village regarding letter.  Tony and Peter will prepare year end budget for next meeting.  Milde will work with Greenhouse on baskets and gift certificates.


Adjourned at 7:04


Minutes respectfully submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary


Meeting Minutes, April 2017

Reading Library

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

April 25th, 2017


In attendance: Tony Pikramenos, Libbet Downs, Peter Seman, Bill Bakker, Vanessa Maxham

Minutes respectfully submitted by Vanessa Maxham

Called to Order at 6:08pm

Minutes approved for March 28th, 2017 meeting

No changes to agenda

Secretary’s Report:


Treasurer’s Report:

Possible Sovernet credit-Tony to research

Materials line increased 10% ($40 annually) on Expenditure Budget due to Listen-Up Vermont. Many library constituents use this service. We had a lengthy conversation in regards to the benefits of continuing this program. More discussions to come.

Automation Over Time (for Tony) discussion

Librarian’s Report: automation going very well

Unfinished Business:

Maintenance: We will be coming up with a building operations/trouble shooting guide, which will help anyone using the building who may have unique situations arise (ie. boiler switch, fireplace, elevator, etc.). We need an update on the gold letters and when they will possibly be put up on the portico.

Discussion at length regarding the library’s Complaint Protocol-signatures on hold at this point.

No New Business

Summary of Decisions:

Trouble Shooting Guide to be compiled. Sovernet Credit? Update on Gold Letters. Verify Authorized signers for checking account. Elevator lesson at next meeting for trustees, and any volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 7:33pm

Next meeting May 30th, 2017



Meeting Minutes, March 2017

Reading Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

March 28th, 2017

In attendance:  Libbet Downs, Vanessa Maxham, Tony Pikramenos, Bill Bakker, Milde Waterfall, Secretary.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Milde Waterfall

Called to Order at 6:10pm

Minutes approved for March 2, 2017 meeting.

No changes to Agenda

Secretary’s Report:  None

Treasurer’s Report: Recent budget shared and all on target

Librarian’s Report: Details in New Business

Unfinished Business:

Automation – Rearranged sections in Library.  Reference works now subsumed into larger collection with Dewey Decimal System.  Work on downstairs collection is underway.  Closing in on the entire collection.  Bravo!

Maintenance – Date to re attach gold letters on portico not yet determined.

Snow Removal concerns.  Board of Trustees will follow a

Complaint Protocol: Tony receives a complaint, sends an email identifying the issue to all Board members and calls Chairperson.  Chairperson either calls complainant or designates a Board member to make the call informing the person that the Board is aware of the situation and will follow up on it in relation to its urgency.  Appropriate action will follow.

New Business – Tony takes a vacation in April.  He will email the Board members the dates involved on Thursday.

Summary of Decisions – Tony emails vacation dates.  Board proceeds with Complaint Protocol.

Meeting Adjourned at 6:50pm


Meeting Minutes, February 2017

Reading Library Board of Trustees Meeting

March 2, 2017


In attendance:  Libbet Downs, Milde Waterfall, Bill Bakker, Tony Pikramenos

Minutes submitted by Milde Waterfall, Secretary

In Vanessa’s absence Libbet called the meeting to order at 6:10pm.

Query for Changes to the Agenda – Libbet suggested we focus on the two objectives for Town Meeting , the only actions requiring immediate attention and table the rest of the Agenda.  Milde, Bill, and Tony agreed.

New Business:  Town Meeting.  Milde will nominate Vanessa and Libbet will second the motion.  Tony will prepare remarks amplifying the reasons listed by the Historical Society in the Town report if its appropriate.

Milde motioned that we adjourn at 6:30pm.  Libbet seconded.  Meeting adjourned.



Meeting Minutes, January 2017

Reading Public Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

January 31, 2017


In attendance:  Libbet Downs, Tony Pikramenos, Vanessa Maxham, Peter Seman

Minutes submitted by Libbet Downs.

Meeting called to order at 6:10.

Minutes approved for January 4.

Secretary’s Report:  nothing to report

Treasurer’s Report: Peter will research Sovernet bills to find out the amount of refund owed the library.  The hours approved for Tony to work on automation will be used up next month.

Librarian’s Report:  Automation is moving along.  Weeding the collection, repairing books and cleaning the shelves is done as they go.

Unfinished business:  Vanessa will meet with Esther about collaboration between the library and the Historical Society.  Interviews of long-time residents will be shared.

New business:  The septic tank needs to be emptied.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:10.